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Why Cottonic

Why we do what we do

• Cottonic wants to help creating successful promotional campaigns for their customers

• Cottonic wants to share their more than 25 years of experience and passion in promotional articles with those who need innovative,

creative and qualitative ideas to promote their businesses

• Cottonic loves to customize ideas and to help developing them from scratch with reliable partners in Europe and the far east

How we do what we do

• Screening and constant pitching of all suppliers: by ourselves in Europe and by our local agent in China. We only deal directly with the factories

• With 25 years of experience, we know the strengths of our suppliers and select them carefully depending on customer’s requirements

• CSR: suppliers are not only screened on quality, but also on working conditions and enterprise mentality

• Transparency: all factories are open for internal and external audits

• Building up long term relationships ensures a better understanding of customer needs and preferences

• Follow-up by entire Cottonic team. Our dynamic structure ensures a high level of involvement and flexibility

• Proactive original propositions by being our customer’s eyes on the fairs

• We ensure all products to be in line with legal regulations and to dispose of the necessary certificates when needed

What we do

• Promotional textile

– Find the right outfits for all your events

– Sublimation, all-over printing, embroidery…

• Promotional gifts and premiums

– Classic giveaways to promote your business and brand

– Original gifts and premiums to surprise your partners

• Tailor made

– We’d love to help you develop your creative promotional idea

• Stock and fulfillment upon request”