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Almost unique in Belgium, CarryOn is first and foremost a manufacturer of custom-made Bags,  Luggage & Umbrellas with productions in Europe, but also in India, China, Cambodia, North Africa, Turkey…

CarryOn is the exclusive agent as well for a wide and high-quality German range of promotional textiles, leather goods and gadgets that are highly appreciated in the promotional market. This results in daily and recurrent business but also daily challenges that are each unique !

CarryOn is a B2B-oriented independent product-focused company with customers in promotional resale, product media, advertising & communication agencies, embroidery companies, (screen) printers, etc. with projects in Belgium and abroad.

For the repositioning and expansion of the company, CarryOn is looking for a strong new
General Manager & Sales Executive F/M who can translate the company’s vision, products and solutions, together with her/his own input to the customers, in order to make targeted sales, dedicated actions and long term projects.

CarryOn operates in a very relaxed, flexible, hybrid but professional environment, where work-life balance is highly valued.
The highly dynamic, exciting and creative promotional market, the wide and diverse range and opportunities for expansion within the company make the proposed positions a real challenge!

GENERAL MANAGER                                             

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The Goal = The repositioning and exponential expansion of the company, thanks to a redefinition of its vision and policy development, with the aim of making CarryOn one of the leading suppliers in the promotional sector.


  • As General Manager, you will be responsible for the various aspects of business operations of CarryOn’s products and services. As strategic manager, you start from an existing vision and strategy that you adapt and/or redefine.
  • You will concretise this shared vision in a multi-year policy plan, which will then be translated into specific actions and business operations. You also propose an annual plan to achieve these operational and strategic goals.
  • You are responsible for the entire financial aspect in order to guarantee the operation and continuity of the company.
  • You convert external market developments into a strategic multi-year policy. From that, you set goals and priorities and translate them into achieving results.
  • You play an active role in the (re)positioning of CarryOn in relation to the market in order to achieve the above-mentioned objective. You analyse where the company needs to be structurally reorganised to improve productivity, sales & marketing and work efficiency. You will then transform these into targeted actions with your employees. You analyse the results and make adjustments if necessary.
  • You ensure a high-quality execution of the tasks of the daily management. You give guidance to those responsible within the company where necessary. You also ensure businesslike & efficient management and monitor the realisation of the intended results.
  • You are responsible for the proper implementation of the personnel policy with regular consultation with employees and you organise performance and assessment interviews.
  • You promote the development of an external network in which CarryOn’s interests are represented, opportunities are detected and this can lead to structured partnerships.


  • You have at least 5 years experience in a management/director position with employees.
  • You are familiar with international trade and preferably within the promotional market sector.
  • You have experience in policy preparation work, where analytical and strategic options are visualised and presented for decision.
  • You are a strong people manager who can motivate people, encourage them, get them moving and keep them moving. You have high emotional intelligence and are able to transcend the rational business aspect of the job.
  • You have the necessary commercial skills to present the commercial objectives to your employees, implement them and follow them up on a regular basis.
  • Due to the international character of the company, you have communication skills in several languages. Dutch, French and English are absolute priorities. German is a plus as CarryOn works strongly with German partners.
  • Experience with production & manufacturing processes is an added value for this position.


Jean Renaux
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